Terms & Conditions

“WEBUYDIGITALS” operates this domain https://webuydigitals.com/ and https://webuydigitals.in/ (hereinafter referred to as “Website”) for purchasing the used/old product such as Mobile, tablet, camera, Accessories and any other product as inserted over the domain. (hereinafter referred to as “Product”).

These Terms & Conditions govern your access/use of the website and your relationship with “WEBUYDIGITALS” and its associates and customers.

By agreeing the Terms and Conditions of this website you hereby represent, warrant and covenant that:

  1. 1. You are a resident of India and you are accessing the Website from any part of India. You are over 18 years of age and legally competent to enter into a binding contract as per the Indian Contract Act, 1872;
  2. 2. You agree to the terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy of this Website in whole and not in parts and you shall be governed by the same.
  3. 3. You are voluntarily agreeing the terms and conditions of the Website and listing your products over the website with your free consent without any undue force or coercion by any third person.
  4. 4. You Undertake that you are the sole, absolute & lawful owner and possession holder of the Product which you are listing over this website for sale.
  5. 5. The Product is a genuine product and has been used by you in accordance with the applicable laws of the land. The Product accompany with all its original/genuine accessories. Further the Product is free from all or any encumbrances, liens, attachments, disputes, legal flaws, exchange or any agreement of sale etc.
  6. 6. The Product is fully functional & in working condition and is not damaged. Further software of the Product is not crashed.
  7. 7. You have mentioned correct details of products with all the specifications and nothing material has been suppressed herein. After receiving the product, the quality of the products found changed and/or it is found defective then we have right to charge our cost incurred towards the process of purchasing your product and/or cancel the order.
  8. 8. You agree that Authorized Person of WEBUYDIGITALS can contact you with respect to getting any information about the Product, to coordinate with you with respect to delivery and payment of the Product. Further you agree to receive promotional/feedback/clarification email/SMS/Call from WEBUYDIGITALS.
  9. 9. You agree that by listing your Product over the website the WEBUYDIGITALS does not give guarantee that your product will be sold.
  10. 10. WEBUYDIGITALS reserves the right to refuse to purchase some or all items or to limit the no. of purchases at their sole discretion.
  11. 11. You agree to make irrevocable transfer the title / ownership of the Product once it passes our quality check and payments are made to you.
  12. 12. By handing over the Product, you affirms that you have removed your confidential information, pictures, contacts, data, contents, passwords, application, etc. from the Product and WEBUYDIGITALS is not responsible in any way for any data of yours that remains in the Device once the Device has been handed over to us.
  13. 13. In case the Product is under Warranty/Guarantee period then you are under an obligation to provide the necessary Warranty/guarantee cards and bill of the Product.
  14. 14. Severability of Provisions: The invalidity or unenforceability of any term, phrase, Clause, paragraph, restriction, covenant, agreement or other provisions hereof shall in no way affect the validity or enforcement of any other provision, or any part thereof.
  15. 15. No Partnership or Agency: Nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to constitute a partnership between the Parties or constitute any Party as the agent of any other for any purpose.
  16. 16. WEBUYDIGITALS is the sole owner of the respective Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). You are not authorized to use IPR in any way.
  17. 17. Compliance with law: You shall comply with all laws applicable to its performance of this Agreement.
  18. 18. Jurisdiction: You hereby agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the competent courts of Delhi, in all matter arising out of / touching this agreement.
  19. 19. Indemnity: You agree and acknowledge that by sending your product to us, you agree to release us from all and any claims, losses or damages that may arise with respect to the product including but not limited to any claims related to the ownership of the product and any data stored in it. In the event of any claims that may be brought against us, we have the right to terminate the contract with you immediately without any prior notice. Any data stored or contained therein or on any media used in conjunction with the product (whether in the form of personal details, SMS, photos, games, songs or other data ("Data")) will be erased by us and we will not be responsible for any losses incurred by you due to the removal or loss of any such Data. Further, you agree that to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, we shall not liable for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages or losses, which may be suffered by you with respect to the subject matter hereof and our total liability in any event shall be limited to a total amount equal to the value of the product as determined by us. You agree and acknowledge that we will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under these terms and conditions that is caused due to or by events outside our reasonable control (‘Force majeure’ events) or due to our compliance with any applicable laws or regulations. The term “Force Majeure” shall include war, rebellion, civil disturbance, earthquake, fire, flood, strike, lockout, labor unrest, acts of governmental authorities, acts of God, acts of the public enemy and, in general, any other causes or conditions beyond our reasonable. If any event of force majeure continues for more than five (5) calendar days, either you or we may terminate the contract upon written notice to the other party.
  20. 20. Amendment: The terms and conditions of our Website including but not limited to product values offered may be changed at anytime at our sole discretion without any prior notice to you. Hence it is your responsibility to keep yourself updated of the new terms and conditions. Any losses incurred by you due to your failure to keep yourself updated of the new terms and conditions shall be borne by the you and we shall have not be liable for the same.
  21. 21. Inactive Status: A Member’s Account may be set to inactive if there is no activity associated with that Account for a long period at the sole discretion of WEBUYDIGITALS.
  22. 22. WEBUYDIGITALS is not responsible for any technical error or fault of any kind either at your end or on the website, which prevents the Participant from selling their Device.